Because Flowers

I visited one of my professor’s homes and I couldn’t help but take photos of every single flower… I also can’t help but to post them now:








Coastal Cruisin’





This weekend my boyfriend and I went up and down the Pacific Highway 1 to Carmel, Monterey, and up to Pacifica and San Fran. These are some of the photos I took of the beautiful Pacific Ocean!

IMG_1155     IMG_1157

IMG_1158     IMG_1246



National Food Day @ The Penny Ice Creamery

National Food Day @ The Penny Ice Creamery


Today in honor of National Food Day, The Penny Ice Creamery in downtown Santa Cruz decided to give a

way free kids scoops of ice cream! Penny’s is a local ice creamery that makes all of their unique flavors, which they change every day,

from locally grown products to support the local businesses. They always offer a wide variety of flavors, from “Whiskey Cust

ard” to “Olive Oil and Salted Chocolate” to “Earl Grey,” among many others. Today I got Pumpkin flavor, which is totally fitting for the festive fall season! They always have amazing flavors and their waffle cones are baked to perfection, so their ice cream always makes for a great dessert!




these figs were picked straight from becca’s grandparents’ house – you could eat them right off the tree!

we grabbed a bunch, sliced them in half, and ate them wrapped in proscuittio. it was way too delicious for being so easy to prepare.

the wasps like these though so be careful not to get your snack stolen!