Flower Child: Rings & Things

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They key to wearing trendy rings is ‘chunk’ and ‘stack.’ Stackable rings, chunky rings, and mineral rings are being worn and sold by many different fashion designers and companies, and independent sellers such as the artists found on Etsy have taken to designing stackable and chunky rings that the boho-chic ‘Flower Child’ would love.


Quantity, Not Quality

Stackable rings, usually worn in sets of 3 or 4, are popular amongst the ‘Flower Child’ generation because of the way it clutters the finger but is also simple at the same time. Many of these stackable rings are thin and simple, with hardly any designs, stones, or jewels on them. Sometimes they are different colors or have slightly different shapes, but these rings match without actually matching – something a ‘Flower Child’ will be able to master based on their taste and the influences of others!


The Chunkier, The Better

Minerals, rocks…

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Flower Child: Floppy Hats

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Festival weather, summer weather, maxi dress weather, you name it: everything looks better with a floppy hat. Floppy hats of course serve the purpose of keeping the sun out of your eyes and your forehead from turning into a crisp, but it also adds a flair of sophistication to your outfit. Whether you are wearing high waisted shorts and a crop top at a festival, or staying comfy in a sweater and jeans, a floppy hat can be matched with almost any outfit and completes a more bohemian look.

Floppy hats have been worn for many years, but are becoming more and more popular as people have started wearing them to concerts and daily outings. They come in many different colors and can even have ribbons or flowers attached to them. Whatever the occasion, floppy hats are a great excuse to add a sexy, sophisticated edge to any outfit that…

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Trend Alert: Skater Dresses

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Skater dresses have become increasingly popular because of the feminine form and wide array of patterns. Some skater dresses are tight and sexy, like those made by American Apparel that have mesh down the middle to show off a strip of cleavage.  Other stores, such as Urban Outfitters, have designed skater dresses that are patterned and form fitting. These can be worn with heels, flats, and even boots, and can be dressed down or up for any occasion, depending on the color/pattern/cleavage-ness of the dress. They are also very flirty and twirly, and a good length to show off your legs. Try out these dresses for your next party or night out!

Skater Dress 2

 Skater Dress 1Skater Dress 3

Skater Dress 4Skater Dress 5

Written By: Marika Jayne

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Coachella Essentials

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Since basically everyone and their mother will be at Coachella this month, it will be very easy for everyone’s outfits to start blending together. With the intense heat and close proximity of people, there are a limited number of ways to look cute AND not pass out from heat stroke. To follow the “festival style” that most girls mimic during music festivals, there are a few essential items that must be packed in your weekend bag. These outfits will keep you looking good and won’t trap heat under layers of cotton and sweat.

High Waisted Shorts

Coachella 1

While it may help that high waisted shorts keep your belly tucked in, they are also short enough so that your legs aren’t suffocating, but enough fabric to not be too skimpy. Pair these with the next Coachella Wardrobe essential below:

Crop Tops

Coachella 2

Crop tops are perfect because they cover exactly what needs to…

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Flower Child: Crochet Bralettes

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Crochet 1

The recent obsession with bralettes and bustiers has paved the way for boho stylists to create their own version of a bralette/lingerie-esque crop top: the crochet bralette.

The crochet bralette, which isn’t sexy enough to wear in the bedroom and isn’t formal enough to wear to class or work, has made its way onto the bodies of stylish music festival goers and boho-chic girls all over the nation. It’s shows skin while not revealing too much, and gives the relaxed source of support as a bra, since there are no underwires or pads.

The crochet bralette is comfortable and perfect to wear with high waisted shorts or a skirt (maxi, high waisted, or regular), and can easily be worn underneath oversized sweaters and long cardigans. These can also be made by skilled crochet-ers, so next time your Grandma makes you a strange pair of fuzzy socks, tell her she should…

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Clogs: This Summer’s Sandals

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The re-emergence of clogs into the hands of fashionistas and clothing catalogues may be intimidating, but like Crocs, not all Clogs are awful (just kidding, Crocs should all be burned). There are the more hippie people that wear the close toed clogs, which are hard for everyone to look good in (although many pull off!), but many clothing companies have started designing and selling Clogs that look more like sandals with a wooden platform, in between a flat sandal and wedges. These strappy platforms can make any summer outfit more stylish, as they give a more high fashion feel and a boost in your height! Here are some of the cuter clogs being sold, and ideas on where to buy them.

Clogs 1

Clogs 2

Clogs 4

Written By: Marika Jayne

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