Coachella Essentials

The Fashion Foot

Since basically everyone and their mother will be at Coachella this month, it will be very easy for everyone’s outfits to start blending together. With the intense heat and close proximity of people, there are a limited number of ways to look cute AND not pass out from heat stroke. To follow the “festival style” that most girls mimic during music festivals, there are a few essential items that must be packed in your weekend bag. These outfits will keep you looking good and won’t trap heat under layers of cotton and sweat.

High Waisted Shorts

Coachella 1

While it may help that high waisted shorts keep your belly tucked in, they are also short enough so that your legs aren’t suffocating, but enough fabric to not be too skimpy. Pair these with the next Coachella Wardrobe essential below:

Crop Tops

Coachella 2

Crop tops are perfect because they cover exactly what needs to…

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