Flower Child: Crochet Bralettes

The Fashion Foot

Crochet 1

The recent obsession with bralettes and bustiers has paved the way for boho stylists to create their own version of a bralette/lingerie-esque crop top: the crochet bralette.

The crochet bralette, which isn’t sexy enough to wear in the bedroom and isn’t formal enough to wear to class or work, has made its way onto the bodies of stylish music festival goers and boho-chic girls all over the nation. It’s shows skin while not revealing too much, and gives the relaxed source of support as a bra, since there are no underwires or pads.

The crochet bralette is comfortable and perfect to wear with high waisted shorts or a skirt (maxi, high waisted, or regular), and can easily be worn underneath oversized sweaters and long cardigans. These can also be made by skilled crochet-ers, so next time your Grandma makes you a strange pair of fuzzy socks, tell her she should…

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