cake pops

these became a huge fad last year – and of course i picked it up, making them obsessively every week.
they are fun and taste great but do require a lot of work, especially if you make it from scratch.

the ones pictured here are made from a standard betty crocker cake mix (chocolate), and the cake pop sticks were purchased from michaels craft store.

cake mix (betty crocker chocolate)
meltable chocolate/baking chocolate
cake pop sticks


1. bake the cake following the directions on the box (or if you’re really gutsy, bake a cake from scratch!) can be any flavor of your choice.
2. let the cake cool, then dig your hands in and start crumbling the cake.
3. mush the cake together into small balls for the cake pops.
4. stick the cake pop sticks into the balls.
5. melt the chocolate, then carefully dip the cake ball into the chocolate (you might have to use your fingers or a spoon to help spread the cake around). make sure you are careful so the cake doesn’t fall off the cake.
6. this part is tricky because the chocolate can sometimes drip or the cake ball can fall off – but you need to place the sticks right side up (so the cake is up) to let the chocolate cool and harden. i like to use a rack that holds the sticks upright, i have also used cups which worked well.
7. at this point, you sprinkle the cake pops to your heart’s desire!
8. once all of the cake balls are covered in chocolate and sprinkles, place the cake pops into the fridge.

once they are completely hard and cooled, they are ready to enjoy!

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 11.31.45 PM

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 11.31.27 PM


cake pops

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